Saturday, September 12, 2009

Summer Update..

It has been way too long since I have blogged. I found this addicting little thing called Facebook... It has been great to find so many old friends and keeping in touch with family far away!!I will try harder to keep current updates on here also for my small fan base!!
So now a quick run down of our latest happenings! We had a great summer! The girls had a great softball season that kept us very busy! My brother's family along with my parents spent the 4th of July partying with us in Long Beach then explored the coast up to Forks for some 'Twilighting". We have gone camping, to the beach, swimming at the lake, and the county fair and rodeo just to name a few of our fun activities! We met some great new friends, the Ellis Family! They have shared in many of our fun summer adventures.We enjoyed relaxing and getting some extra sleep. I have enjoyed my regular Friday volleyball mornings with my favorite ladies!! Dave and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary on August 20th!

All good things must come to an our lazy summer days have quickly gone!! My days of a full nights sleep have vanished too! The kids have started back to school!! They were so excited!! I am lucky to have have kids that really enjoy school and learning, along with the socializing and extra curricular activities!! Kendra is in 8th grade, Maddy is in 6th and my (not so little anymore) guy Aiden started kindergarden!! They grow too fast!

Kendra just had her 14th birthday on Sept 5th!! I am not old enough to have a 14 yr I??!! Kendra was excited Thursday to learn that she made the Varsity Volleyball team!! She is only 1 of 3 8th graders to make varsity!! What a great birthday gift!! We are very proud of her for always doing her best! she is taking an AP class and was advanced to 9th grade math!!

I am looking forward to Fall and all of the fun family activities we enjoy when the summer days have passed! We will keep busy with Kendra playing volleyball and I will be playing again on a women's volleyball league! Aiden has his 6th birthday coming up in October also! I look forward to the pumpkin patches, corn mazes, trick or treating, the cool, crisp air and the falling leaves!! I love living in the pacific northwest, to be surrounded by God's beauty!!
I am grateful for my family, for the joy they bring me, and for dear friends who make life more adventurous!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Military Appreciation Day

On Saturday, April 4, 2009 we went to the annual Military Appreciation Day at the fairgrounds. Dave had drill so I took the kids and went for some fun!
It is great that the local community supports our military families so much and sponsors this fun event! I am hoping that Dave's service Blue Star flag will get a sponsor and fially get displayed up on one of the community streets!!
The kids spent a good hour on the giant blow up slide! It was the highlight of their day!
Kendra tried on a navy diver helmet and Aiden enjoyed meeting one of the divers! I won a $50 gift certificate to Pottery Barn Kids!! We had a great day, but wished Dave would have been able to join us this year..he has missed it for a few years in a row now! We love our Navy Seabee!!!

Easter Pictures

My handsome Little Aiden.
Kendra is such a pretty young lady!

Maddy is a beautiful girl!

My 3 amazing Children! What joy they bring to our lives!!

This is the best family photo of the day!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So, as many of you know, I decided to give coaching Maddy's team another try after much pleading on the associations part, and hesitation on my part!! We had our meeting and met the girls and decided on team colors etc. A dad from our ward who's daughter is playing for the first time, offered to be my assistant coach. Great!! I know him well and he was very excited and eager to help!! Our first practice was this past Monday night. It had been rainy and cold, but hey, if we wait for good weather and cancelled every time there was rain, we would never have practice here in Bremerton!! So we get to practice, and start doing some drills, having a little fun in the rain. I had asked Aaron, my assistant coach, to hit some balls out to the girls for some fielding, like we had done all practice! Well, he tossed the ball up to hit it, swang and somehow twisted his knee and down he went, hard! He is big guy and I knew I couldn't get him to move at all. Well, he was is so much pain that he finally had us call an ambulance! So in a few minutes they came, had to cut a lock off of the school fence to drive onto the field, the WET field I might add, to get closer to him. So they get him on the gurney and wheel him to the ambulance, I'm on the phone with his wife and his daughter is freaking out and freezing. I ended practice early since all the girls were frozen and cold too! So now the ambulance is ready to take him off to the hospital, and they get stuck in the muddy grass. Wheels a spinnin and getting deeper into the mud! Oh great!!! So now they have to call another ambulance to come and transfer him to the hospital and a tow truck to pull out the stuck vehicle!! (So sorry Aaron!!! I Hope you feel better soon!) So I'm thinking Bad Omen for my season!!! Why ME??!!! Should have hesitated more!!! Its going to be a long few months!! Dave is assisting on Kendra's team, and they changed their practice schedule from my off nights, to the same nights and times as my practices, so Dave can't even come and lend me a hand either!
So, needless to say, I am now without my assistant coach on the first practice and the other parents don't really seem to care that I am flying solo with this team!!! Oh, and to add to it, one of the Dad's at the meeting was so upset with me when he asked, "So Coach, Where did you play college softball? You have played professionally havent you?? " Then I told him No, not even in HS (could have made the team easily though) but I played rec league for many years and I am pretty good, I know the rules and I love the game! Well I got the "eye roll" from him and he walked off! Well Buddy, why didnt you step up to the plate then and coach if you are going to judge me who is volunteering and willing to teach these sweet girls?? Huh??!! Most of the time, it is the parents that really are the ones who make coaching difficult. Can I pull my hair out now??!! Is it too much to ask for Spring to finally show up, thaw and dry us out, and possibly get some parent involvement for a change??? Oh how I love it when I am bombarded with a crazy life!!! Welcome to Softball season at my house!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Singing Karaoke with the Elders

We had the elders serving in our ward come over for F.H.E. and sing some karaoke!! The elders names were Elder Epps, Elder Westland, Elder Boyack and Elder Rigdon!!

Strike a pose guys!!! You rocked it!! We had a blast and tons of laughs!! A few days after this, Elder Westland and Elder Boyack were transfered! We'll miss them!! In order, left to right, Elder Rigdon, Elder Boyack, Elder Epps and Elder Westland.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I am finally on facebook!

After i finally got around to making a blogspot, all my friends kept saying, "you should make a facebook, you have to be on facebook, everybody is on it", so....I am now venturing into cyberworld even deeper and have made my facebook page!! It has been great! I have found so many of my old high school friends and extended family! It's great to see what they are up to and see their families! I do feel kind of sad at the same time, I was one of the first (actually I was the second one out of my whole graduating class) to get married and start a family but now I feel like everyone has passed me and left me in the dust. Most of them have at least 3 kids some even up to 5 or 6. I really wanted a bigger family and I'm just not sure anymore if i will ever have the opportunity again to have another baby! I guess if you counted all the babies I've lost, I'd equal or even pass them all up. Life sometimes doesn't always work the way we really wish it could! But, I am so excited to be able to catch up with all of my friends and reconnect again across the miles!!! so if you are on facebook, look me up... Sharla Johnson Warner!!